SMS Marketing

Why SMS Marketing?

Send Texts Online

Easily send text messages, mail merge, schedule and attach tickets, documents and forms.

Receive Texts

Receiving messages or getting responses to your text messages from your customers.

Email to SMS

To reliably and easily send text messages using your preferred email software.

Texting is everything to consumers. Based on CTIA, there are 2.27 trillion text messages sent every year, which means 6.3 billion/day or 20 text messages per person every day, and that’s just in the United States alone.

With a 95% average open rate, text messages are far more effective than email notifications when communicating with customers, particularly when time is of the essence.

The average open rate of text messages is 95% and it is considered as a far more efficient way to communicate with customers than email especially if it is urgent.

Other than that, SMS Marketing is very reasonably priced at about pennies per text message. For as low as 50 – 100 dollars per month, your small business can already start using SMS marketing.


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